I did a remove on Microsoft Office XP by accident. Now I don't have Outlook anymore. Is there a way to restore Outlook? I have Norton Go-Back but don't know what to do with it.

I need help ASAP please!!!!

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You can do a reinstall on your Office XP installation (via your Office XP disk), just reinstalling the Outlook part.

Thanks! for your quick reply!!!
I just did a disk drive restore with Norton Go Back, so I now have Outlook again!

Oh, awesome. I didn't know if that would work because, personally, I don't trust rollback software to be 100% foolproof and rollback *everything*. Personally, I use Norton Ghost (and, before it was acquired by Norton, PowerQuest DriveImage) to image my hard drive when I have everything the way I like. Then, if I screw something up, I just reload my "perfect" image.

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