Hi everybody,

I have a problem on my windows 7 , when I open safari explorer
this message display

i tried registry cleaner programs but nothing happened .. !

Thank you all , :)

Attachments problem.JPG 50.25 KB

Reinstall safari?

I tried to reinstall safari
but this problem not happen in safari only ! with office, firefox, media player, .. everything except sticky notes :|
and I tried to reinstall windows 7 from the same CD , and another CD
but nothing happened !

What do you mean by "nothing happened"

Bad memory maybe?

i mean that, the problem still as it after reinstalling and format.

maybe you are right ! but how can i knew that ?

Any Help !

memtest86,download the windows iso and burn it to disk and boot computer to the disk it creates ,run the memtest for at least 5 or 6 hrs ,my opinion .

just click on the iso file and win7 should popup to burn it to a disk

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