Hello i need some help regarding in auto login, my o.s is window 7 ultimate...I haved installed the ibm db2,and now
i have 2 accounts,admin and db2admin account.Is it possible to have auto log-in if i have 2 user account like i mentioned.
What i want is that whenever i switched on my laptop it will log in directly to the admin account.can you help me on this please.
Thank you in avdvance.

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@ITG-JM and @lordrt,thank you for the reply,by the ways my admin account has no password is this okay?.
i like that my admin account has no password...but the link above showing inpputing the password...does eding registry will not destroy my windows?Thank you in advance.

Of course, editing the registry is at your own risk. However following the steps precisely will not result in blowing up your Windows OS.

ok thanks and it's working

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