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Simply pasting into cd/dvd will not set your iso up to make it bootable. Use a burning software, most will burn an iso to disc these days. Make sure you sellect the burn iso disc selection. Windows 7 can burn an iso disc, see their help file otherwise is you don't use another disc burning program there are a few free ones around. Good Luck. I have found Boot132 to be very helpfull. follow all instructions and you should be fine. Only problem may be drivers for your hardware. If you run into trouble search the internet for them ( in Macs they are called KEXTs) or the instructions on how to change the ones you have.A tip. Don,t try to put it on the same hdd as windows, Macs like to have the front running on the hdd and may stop you from booting into windows. Make sure you back up and backup your windows partition if you have stuff you don't want to loose. Don,t be missled, it's not as hard as you think and very rewarding. Afterwards get a program called ireboot from neosmart technologies. Makes booting into another os from windows easy.Good Luck.

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