This should be an easy one for all you experts out there.

I downloaded the google toolbar, and now the main internet search bar is gone. Now when I go to a site, I can't even tell what the http is. There's no where for it to appear. Can someone tell me how to get this area back? I have Windows XP 2003, I think. Thank you!

go to view - toolbars - click on address bar so it has a tick by it. that should do it.

Sometimes this happens when you download a toolbar (such as the Google toolbar) and it spreads itself out shrinking the Address bar until it becomes nearly invisible. If JemB's method didn't work, click the View menu and then Toolbars and make sure that Lock the Toolbar is UNTICKED. There should be a little vertical dotted line to the left of the Google toolbar. Try dragging it to make it smaller. You should be able to find the address bar somehow and drag it to make it larger or reposition it. I can't really explain what I'm trying to say. Maybe someone else can clarify.

Hi JemB. Thank you for the advice. This didn't work, however. I had to slide some of the areas over, and I didn't know I could do this. But thanks for your reply!