My DVD rom is not working. In that case now i want to install windows 7 to the computer. If i have image of win7 DVD in pen dirve, Is there any method to do it with pen drive. Please help me to do this. Must i have a DVD Drive for doing my task?

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yeah, it is possible. i will assume pen drive is the same usb flash disk.
Install windows7 using USB
Another link, easier way

But, it might not work if you have an old computer with old version of BIOS. if it doesnt let you boot from USB, you have to update your BIOS(google it) or find DVD Drive.(i suggest to use DVD drive, bc updating bios is not easy, i have never tried)

BTW, i found the links using, so, if it is possible, google before asking ;)

try to see if in bios you have the option to boot from usb.

format your usb pendrive with ntfs

create partion on your pendrive with disk part and mark it as active

update you pendrive with bootmgr code

lastly copy all the content of the win7 dvd to your pendrive

Yes, It is possible to boot from pendrive.
First, install windows on your pendrive which is bootable, then set the priority of booting option to pendrive, and the rest, u know.!

yes diz iz possible....... download the ''dimond toos or alcohal20%'' and install.......and copy win7.iso image.... and mount by ''dimond toos or alcohal20%'' and install setup..... injoy tnx cell no 918858910910

normally it is not possible. but after u make ur pen drive as a boot drive then possible,
for that u need firstly a making sofware of boot drive. by use this
software u can make ur pen drive bootable then u can install operating sofware
( like win xp,7,8 etc).

11 month old thread still getting the same answers ,and OP never did come back for all the good answers

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