Okay, first off, sorry for doing this as my first post, I really hate asking a question such as this as my first post, just makes me seem like a noob :( .

Anyways. I'm having troubles with my Control Panel. When I go to Start > Control Panel it comes up fine, but then if I either wait for it, or if I click on any of the links up comes something saying that it has found an error in explorer.exe and must be closed. So it resets that, and then something comes up saying that there is a problem with Dr. Postmoretem DeBugger or something (at school, can't remember the real name) and then my computer freezes.

This is really annoying because I need to uninstall some software and reset some hardware stuff.

This was working fine up until when my dad had some guy came over from our ISP and gave us a new modem.

Any help would be great!!

i think you need to reinstall windows


Hmmm You can try to use System Restore to restore your computer to a time just before you installed the modem.

Click Start
Click Help and Support
Find and click on "undo changes with System Restore"
Select a date and follow the on screen prompts

System will now restore to a previous date and check your Control Panel now and see if it has restored it. If it has have the software checked for the new modem before reinstalling it

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