Hi all,

Heres my problem, not sure if this is the right place but daniweb users seem to answer every other question I have so here goes.

I have windows 7 on my laptop. I have a repair disc that I have made from the same machine when it was working. Now after my mum done something to it, it won't start up. So I have put the repair disc in, booted it from the cd, and I have got to the language select screen. Selected it, and clicked to continue. Then it gets to a windows background and does nothing, like it's frozen.

Can anybody solve this one? I'd be so happy to do it myself rather than take it somewhere.

Cheers all

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try to check cooling system cause ma laptop vhave the same problems but i solved it by increasing heat think compoud


Maybe the repair disk is corrupted. Try to download a new one from the internet with other computer and burn another repair disk. Additionally, XP repair disk may also work for some basic windows problem.

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