Can any one help please. I want to make copies of my music CD's and make compilations. I'm using MP3's and have the tag information all in place but when I create a music CD none of the file information, Artist, track name etc, appears on my car radio/CD player display. I've been making my own CD's for quite a long while now but since I got a new laptop the track info isn't appearing when played. I've always used Nero to burn the CD's and have also tried Roxio and Media Player but none seem to do what I want. I have enabled CD text but that hasn't helped. Is it a PC or burner setting that needs enabling or do I need a different piece of software?

Cheers in advance

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Are you making "mp3" CDs? If you burn the mp3s to CD as "data," the tags should be fine.

If not, then the issue could be with CD Text not being supported somewhere along the line.....



Hi, no I'm making standard music CD's. The files start as mp3's. The CD's I make used to be fine but since I got a new laptop I've had this issue.


If that is the case, then it must be a setting or support issue with CD-Text. This means one of two culprits: Burning program or Optical drive.
If you are using all of the same programs and settings, it could very well be the drive. Perhaps the firmware needs to be updated or a setting needs to be changed. You ought to be able to ID your drive model and manufacturer and look up whether the drive supports CD-Text.

I am really not too familiar with CD-Text, but this sounds like something you might be able to pin down through trial and error.
Sorry I can't be more help :)




What software are you using?
Still have you old device from burning cd's?

My Windows Media Player help, version 12, running x64 windows professional;

Because Windows Media Player doesn't support the CD-Text standard, the audio CDs that you burn don't include the media information from your original WMA or MP3 files. This means that if you burn an audio CD containing songs from multiple albums and you try to play that CD on another computer, the other computer might not be able to automatically display the names of the songs on the disc.


Hi, I always used to burn the CD's using Nero. I'm still using Nero and I've tried using Roxio. I know media player doesn't support Cd-text. I use the cd's in my car and all my older cd's display the track info, its just the newer ones that don't.
I'll look into the drive model and firmwares too. I'll have to get a car radio that has usb connection and put all my songs on a memory stock lol. Thanks for all your help


Looks like I may have sorted the problem. I had been using Nero express, but I tried Nero burning ROM and enabled CD-text and it seems to have worked. Why it didn't work with Nero express is beyond me, you'd have thought enabling CD-text whatever Nero programme was used would have done the trick. Thanks for all the help. Cheers


perhaps it coulkd be marked as solved?
I use Ashampoo CD burnerand never had any trouble


Why it didn't work with Nero express is beyond me, you'd have thought enabling CD-text whatever Nero programme was used would have done the trick.

It should work using either.

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