hey, I recently got a new motherboard (Gigabyte 8I865GME-775GH). I installed all the drivers, but my sound still doesn't work. Anyone know what the problem could be?

do you have speakers? are they on? is volume on minimum? are the speakers plugged in? (sorry about that, but it's something I had to ask)

what's in the hardware list? do you see the audiocard there?

right, it's one of those. I might be wrong about the model of the m/b, but in several gigabyte boards there was a sound problem, when the automatic driver CD installed the Realtek AC97 driver, and the actual chip was SiS7018 (might be wrong about the number). I usually solved it by removing realtek and installing the SiS manually

still not working :/

btw, I really appreciate your responses

No problem. I said I might be wrong about this specific model :)
Anyhow, if it's a brand new thing, and you are certain everything is installed and connected correctly, and there is no problem with the speakers - take it back to the shop, you should have warranty I suppose :)