I've been using iTunes for a while now but I'M really sick of their prodected file crap, having t authorize and de-authorize different computers all the time. What I'M looking for is a program with extensions/add-ons for different online music stores. Maybe one for amazon's music store where you would buy right from the media player without actually having to go to amazon.com, shop mp3's, download, move to correct folder, and tell media player that you added a new song(s). And it would clearly need to be able to hand my iPod classic really well. While we're on the topic, does anyone know of any ipod alternative that isn't built for a specific mediaplayer?

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Sounds like the OP is after an itunes replacement, not just a media player.

VLC is the best player for a PC regardless of OS. It plays anything. However it will not manage your media like itunes, nor will it connect to various 'stores'.

The problem with the ipods is that apple changes the database structure of the device with a recent firmware update. 3rd party apps that could transfer music to and from the device no longer worked because of the change in the table structure and AFAIK, no one has desinged an app to do the same types of transfers.

I have an old ipod classic also. I manage my own music folder, I manually move stuff I buy/rip into that folder. I still use itunes to get music/media to and from the device. If there is an alternative, I'd love to hear it.

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