Okay, so I'm at my wit's end since I'm not a computer person. My laptop (Dell Studio, PP39L) has been acting strangely for the past few weeks. The internet will connect, I have full internet access, but the internet will just stop working. Chrome won't freeze, but it won't load. I'll click on a new tab and type in any website, but it won't load. In addition to the problems I have connecting to the internet, once my computer begins to have these problems, I can't open anything. I'll try to open my documents, Microsoft Word, etc. but nothing will open/start up. The icon on the task bar will appear for a few moments before disappearing and nothing happens. I can't access my task manager, and more often than not, if I click on my task bar, it'll freeze. It doesn't have a specific pattern; it will work fine, and then out of nowhere, everything just...stops working properly. I'll restart my computer manually and everything will be fine, but eventually, it will freeze again.

Whether it's relevant or not, my computer has given me the blue screen of death a few times.

...help? Please? I've done multiple virus scans and nothing has turned up.

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Try the usual virus search to begin. It sounds more like a program cannot run properly and in turn stalls the whole of your PC-this is true if it happens repeatedly at the same time duration in using your PC.


Dell Studio, PP39L

backup all you persional data.music /pictures/. and reinstall windows, easiest and quickest fix


Its good to first ensure that you are clear of malware. I would download Malwarebytes, run a scan, and clean up the system of any malware. next, ensure that the computer is up to date on the latest service pack and updates. Make sure that any software you have on the system is also up to date on patches.

Next, make sure that all of the device drivers are up to date.

These steps will help you stabalize the system.

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