The new internet explorer came to BETA testing quite a while ago now and I personally think it is quite a vast improvement. I think it is becoming more like Firefox with the tabs and RSS feeds. I have also noticed that the startup time is quite a bit faster. Unfortunately some of the icons look terrible and in the Beta stages it is still crashing quite a bit, but I have noticed one thing it never crashes the whole pc it just comes up with a error report, which is a improvement.

There are still those moments though that you just have to switch to firefox and I hope they will go soon.

I am interested to hear what you think.


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I can't believe that it took Microsoft so long to finally realize that tabbed browsing is a must have (in fact I remember Paul Thurrott complaining about it on winsupersite). But I guess better late then never.

IE7 as a "improvement" over IE6 is incredible. The tabbed browsing and RSS features are neat, however Microsoft has once again failed to make IE7, thus far, compatible with CSS and XHTML. They fixed PNG Transparency issues, however the CSS rendering leaves as much to be desired as IE6 did. Not holding my breath on that getting fixed either. Firefox for the win!

I love it :)

I love the look of IE 7 Beta 2 but although it works well on my laptop, it crashes everytime I put in a search on the desktop installation. Anyone know why this might be? Otherwise it works fine on the desktop computer too....but I need to search! Both computers are running Xp Sp2

I'm waiting until we're outta beta.

I would advise you get it now, because it could take another 6 months to come out officially. It doesn't crash very at all and is a vast improvement and it loads alot faster than firefox.

I'm having some problems with it but overall, I like it.

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