ok so i had to reformat my windows a couple of days ago because svchost.exe got infecte and there was really no way out of it i couldnt really get onto any programs for a significant enough ammount of time. But now i have all my songs on my itunes and ipod but i want to either switch back to my old library or get the songs off my ipod back onto my computer or else ill never be able to add new stuff.

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Hi, i have, for a while been developing an application to do just that. It will copy all your music back to your computer from your iPod assuming there MP3's. I have not added supprt for all formats yet. Any way check my sig for the link.

P.S- i dont meant to advertise, but that what he was looking for ;).


nice hope it works out for u it sounds good. although i dont see it on the page ur link brings me too.

thanks man this looks good

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