Hi Guys,

i am not an expert on the server admin stuff, however i been given a task to use windows server 2003 to manage a mixture of winfows and mac machines.
Currently i am facing a problem with the backups for example when i want to backup users documents folder, windows server 2003 is looking for a "My Documents" in windows, however it does not recognise macs "Documents" folder.

Is there a way of manualy entering the users "Documents"/"My Documents" file paths or any other folder that i would like to back up?
please let me know if you need any clarification on this issue.

Any sugestions will be apreciated.


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What backup software are you using? Generally, in the backup application, you most likely have a backup job that you created to backup these folders. Go into the properties of the backup job and specificy which folders you wish to backup.

Are these folders for Windows and MAC users stored on the 2003 server, or are you using the backup software to run on the 2003 server and connect to the network clients and backup remote folders?

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