I had a problem with my PC when turning on it came up with an Inacessible Boot Device

after a couple of turning off and on again it now says that there is no OS how do i recover files that are on there i have tried putting it on another PC and when i go to my computer it does show as a drive i tried running check disk and it says " The type of file system is RAW Chkdsk is not availible for RAW Drives

Please help there is some important documents on this drive once i can recover info i will put XP on machine

thanks Rob

Ps sorry for the essay

Ouch. Sounds like a serious corruption. You can try a live Linux CD like Knoppix to recover the data, but it's possible that it's a loss unless you want to pay for expensive professional recovery.

There are a fe woptions to try before hitting the panic button... Data Recovery serivices will want HUGE amounts of money and your first born...

So lets start from the top.....

Have you tried fidsk /mbr in recovery mode?


Boot to Linux mount the drive vfat and see if you can see the data...


Slave the drive into another win system and seewhat happens..