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There is nothing native in XP that supports that configuration. With regard to the hard drive, it is not that it slows down your computer, it is that the hard drive is the slowest component in a computer.

Hard drives that spin slow, have a slow transfer rate, and are also fragmented would add to the slowness of a system.


In W7 that Readyboost could really only be an easy-to-use method of creating a page file on the flashdrive? It's never going to be actual RAM, but it would be virtual memory. You can do the same in XP, just insert the UFD, go System and thru to the Page File setting section - the UFD will be listed as a candidate for a page file. Slow, though... say for USB2.0 maybe 250Mb/s, cf a Sata II hdd page file at 500Mb/s. Sata II burst speeds are perhaps 2 or 3 times that...
Your sys would be more capable.


Hi , i suggest increase ram memory to at least officially supported maximum.
However run HDtune benchmark to ascertain performance of the flash drive and compare with the primary drive - but regardless of user settings Windows memory manager will create the page file in the fastest storage device

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