I got a new gaming pc yesterday, and it was working fine. The next day I hit the power button and it started to boot, and shuts of again after about 5 seconds, then turns back on and shuts off after 5 seconds, repeat. (until I turn off the master power)

pc specs:

Intel i7-3770K processor and 8GB of RAM

1TB storage capacity

2x AMD Radeon HD 7770 1GB CrossFire graphics with up to 2GB dedicated video memory

Intel Z77 motherboard

If any other specs are needed I will get them, I can also take pictures / video!


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I was playing a game when my system shut down. When I rebooted, a screen came up saying the system could not over clock and to press F1 to configure or F2 for default settings. My system was never over clocked so I pressed F2. It booted up normally. I got back into the game and the system shut down again. This time when I pressed the power button, the system would come on (LCD lights, fans and HD, but no bio beep) and shut down after 2 seconds.


Maybe it is something in your Startup folder?
Putting shutdown -r in Startup causes the machine to reboot repeatedly.

Did this happen while playing games? Or as soon as you turned it on?

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