About a month ago i had problems accessing my admin accounts. It all started when i was tinkering with the CMD commands involving both my admin accounts in them. The command i entered for both was the command to change the password of the accounts, that is:

net user Admin *

after shutting down my computer and booting it the next day i realized that i couldn't access either of my admin accounts. I tried a software, which i think is ophcrack USB version, but unfortunately my computer didn't boot from the USB. Then i was exploring my hard drive and when i looked at the admin folders the computer said their empty. Could someone please help me

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Can you boot from CD? There are quite a bit of free Linux bootable CDs you can use to reset the admission password. While its not supported by MS, I've used these tools many times.


Using Linux like JorgeM said is the best way to find your password fast. Here is a link on how to do it Link

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