hi guys,i open my computer today an it came some multiple problems,one is monitor.exe,it say the application failed to initialize properly(0x000007b) i was checking this error but nothing,the other is runDLL and i can use only google chrome,internet explorer i cant open,freeze..when i try to play online games on facebook it say missing plug in..what i should do,i use vista home premium 32

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Did you checked your disk for integrity? (CHKDSK /R) Probably youll need to run it whith Admin privileges.

Then if the disk appears OK, try to repair the system from the original DVD.

Hope this helps


i run disk check but nothing,its something with winspool.drv...it has stop many programs from my computer,i cant use recovery cd because it say that it missing some files .....


all you have to do is delete the google chrome manually and find the backup folder from system file in local (C) of your desktop N deleted them too..... after that the error wont be anymore.... restart the pc and reinstall again to get new version......

Note : went ever you are installing new software don`t paste the crack file direct to local (C) but instantly use the icon on the desktop, right click choose properties & find target if windows 7.... than paste it....

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its not a google chrome prb...the only way to fix it its to reboot the comp..so i did and its ok now,,,thank you all for the help...

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