Guys, the power cable of my LG external dvd/cd burner have stopped working. I am trying to find a replacement for it but it seems to be an inpossible task. I need a ACDC input 0.65A max output 2A. Can't find it anywhere, any idea at all?

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hi ,I actually meant the # of the dvd burner ,but I guess the adapter # will do , I have a question though ,how do you know the adapter is bad ,did you have it checke to see if it was still putting out power ,someone in the know would be able to test it with a multimeter

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Well..if you comfirm that the cable only has stopped and the device is fine, you can easily get the power cable from market or online shopping, you just need the model no and hardware config.


hi thanks for your help.
The cable has been tested with a multimeter and the guy that tested it said it was definitely the cable. I also tried to change the fuse, but no joy.
The adapter is for a LG 16x External DVD-CD burner, GSA-2164D.
Hope that's all you need : - )

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