My external hard-drive is not showing any folders once i opeen it does anyone know why this is happening?

my external hard-drive is a maxtor OneTouch

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What happens when you click on the external drive icon in my computer?
Are you sure you have folders in the external drive?
Have you had this problem before are have you just got it?

- Let us know how it goes.

When I click on the external drive icon, the whole windows is blank but I am sure there are files inside as i can use the 'run' to get into the files for example, j:videos
this is the first time i had the problem...


Open command prompt; press windows key+ R.
Type cmd and press enter.
Once command prompt is open type J:.
You should now be able to view the contents of the external hard drive by typing dir; it will show the directories and files stored on the hard drive.

let us know if you can do the above.

Something else to try;
Right click on the desktop then click on new > shortcut. When asked type J: for the location and press next or OK. Once to shortcut has been created click on it and see what happens. Le us know if this opened the disk contents in explorer.

You could also try typing J: in explorer's address bar.

- let us know the outcomes of the above.

Ive tried everything you have said but when i typed dir, it says
directory of J:\
also the shortcut thing was blank as well

after awhile a warning popped up at the bottom right of the screen saying cmd file is corrupt

Mmm... that rather says that explorer thinks that j:\ is a filename [well, that is how it works...], and it will think that right up until it discovers that it is actually something higher up the tree, like a folder or drive letter. So, my guess is that the partition table is disturbed. I mean, it obviously did not find J: was assigned as a drive letter. We can repair that if you wish...? Just ask.

yes it works in explorer.. oh thanks alot dear bro

Its simple friends,
Go to Folder Options,uncheck "Hide protected Operating System Files(recomended)"
if you have same problem,Try unchecking other hidden files in folder options.
Enjoy it works 100%

Restart your computer in safe mode.

hi, after doing the steps, it gave me g:dir is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

I had the same problem. The folders won't show up in explorer but if type the location in the address bar (G:\Movies) I could access the folder. I tried what 'gowtham18110' suggested and it worked. Thanks for the help mate!!

Ramiyamout - You should first access the drive through CMD.
Open command prompt; press windows key+ R.
Type cmd and press enter.
Type cd\
Type g:
you should be in g: drive now. Type dir now - you should see all the folders

Hi.. I also had the same problem.. bt I am stuck now.. I own WD My Passport External Hard Disk..

I can access my folders from the "run" command but I cannot see them in the explorer and also when I typed "dir" in cmd I could not see my folders..

In explorer I can see only 5 of my folders and the same folders in cmd on typing "dir" when I have about 20 folders in my hard disk and I can see only 5 of them.. pls help me out..

dettach and re attach it and then try


thank you raavn111 for your advise but I have done that and no results..

I have taken backup of my data and now I am trying to format my hard disk but it is not formatting.. I left it for about two and a half hour but it(formatting process) did not start.. i tried it on cmd but there also it did not start.. it kept showing 0% completed..

any suggestions on how to atleast start my formatting process..?

comuter is not showing the files of the ext harddisk via explorer but showing via winrar.what can i do to see my files thrugh win 7 explr???? help me.....

files cannot be seen when i browsed my ext hdd through win explr but i can acess my files thrugh winrar.what shuld i do to see my files thrugh win explr..pleaze help lap is dell with win 7

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right click my computer-manage-disk-management. You should see the drive there at the bottom. Right click on it and add drive letter suggested. You should now be able to see the drive and contents.

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