I would like to open this thread by saying that the anti-virus industry is a SCAM ! SCAM ! I say.
The proof is in the pudding. My PC is the pudding. The pudding has gone over three months now with
NO Snortin' $ NORTON $, no $ Smackabee $ , et al ad infinitum .................
It's called, Hegelian Dialectic.
I DON'T HAVE ANY VIRUSES on my PC. It is used every day on the WORLD WIDE WEB !
The anti-virus problem was created by the $$ anti-virus $$ people. $$$$$$$$$$

Apprximately every 2 weeks I run MALWAREBYTES and it FINDS NOTHING, except for
1 or 2 harmless adware thingies.

Any experts out there care to comment and get this thread rolling ?

Re: Do You Really Need An Anti-Virus 80 80

I also do not have any antivirus installed on any of my computers. My rule of thumb is to not browse the internet and to not open e-mail attachments from an account with administrator rights. During my daily activities, I use a limited (on WinXP) or standard (on Win7) account. I also never click Run but at first click Save to download any software updates. The only security feature I use is Microsoft Security Essentials but it also has not found anything suspicious so far. Of course, we can never be sure that no malwares will attack us in a tricky way but I am of the opinion that such stuff will also be able to fool the most of antivirus programs. At least, for the first days of existence.

Re: Do You Really Need An Anti-Virus 80 80

It's very circumstantial on what files you run. Viruses can appear from browsing certain websites, running certain programs, or opening files with malicious content within. If you contstantly handle such files (and essentialy maintain constant internet access) you will want some sort of free anti-virus (like Avira, or Clamwin)

If you are constantly visiting sites known to carry dangerous files and running a lot of files more so I'd suggest a proactive defense software like Kaspersky or ESET

Re: Do You Really Need An Anti-Virus 80 80

You don't need to PAY for Antivirus. Plenty of free options out there. Avast, AVG, etc... I would not recommend anyone run a windows pc without it. The time it takes to clean up an infection costs lots more than the slight inconvience of the AV running.

Use AV in combination with a Hosts FIle blocker i.e. Spybot. And use PeerBlock to be extra careful. Scedule a maware bytes scan once a month and you should stay clean.

Re: Do You Really Need An Anti-Virus 80 80

I agree that someone with some computer desktop management experience and common sense could probably get away with limited malware protection. For most people, I would recommend some type of malware client.

Re: Do You Really Need An Anti-Virus 80 80

well this is all about how one thinks. Obviously, it is the same and we all know it. If someone wants to sell his/her product, he/she has to create a need for it, then only the product or services would be sold. But, the main thing is, Viruses are surrounding the internet and we need protection for our system and data, doesn't matter who created the problem, solution is needed.

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