I am currently going through a course on Windows Server 2008. The only knowledge I have is through the activities that my book has me doing each chapter, so I dont know how to navigate administative controls yet.

I have set up multiple users throughout the activities, and have had to Right Click>Enable each to turn on the account. I am wondering if this is because of how I created the users, if new accounts are diabled by default, or if there is a setting somewhere that can be changed.

***To put it as directly as possible: Is there any way I can have new user accounts ENABLED by default, rather than right clicking>enabling them each individually?

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When you create users, they are enabled by default. It sounds like the user's were created by some type of script you are running.

In order for that to be the case, wouldn't I have had to create the script?
I don't know if this matters- but I'm running Server 08 in Virtual Machine. Idk if that could be the reason---but myself and my classmates are experiencing the same issue.

Most importantly, any idea where I should start to change this? I've tried to google it, but I had trouble sifting through all the info to find whats relevant. Any feedback or link on what I can do to change this would be greatly appreciated!

Users do not have to be created using scripts. The use of scripts is commonly used in lab/test environments to save time.

For local user accounts, you would open the Computer Manangment console, click on the Users and Groups applet.

For domain accounts, you launch the Active Directory Users and Computers admin console. Locate the OU or container, and create the target objects.

Running the OS in a VM setting does not impact the way users are created and/or managed.

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