I have been having this problem for quite a while now. I have contacted Microsoft but their responses are nonsense.

Basically I have two Hotmail accounts, which I both use with Windows Live Messenger.

(Key: Acc 1 = Primary Account
Acc 2 = Secondary Account)

One day, I start up WLM as normal and try to sign in with Acc 1 but I get the 80004005 error. I think OK, it does this sometimes so I should just try and try again - but to no avail.

So then I try logging in with Acc 2 - Perfect sign in, takes about 5 seconds.

So now I am left baffled as to why one account works perfecty and another doesn't work at all. :eek:

If anyone has encountered this problem or know how to solve it, I will be really greatful. :cheesy:

Thank you, :lol:

Update: I have tried creating a new account and running WLM on it and it works, although now when I go on my main account, Acc 2 still doesn't work and now my Acc 1 has started not to work. :-(

Yep they're perfect when logging into Hotmail. The problem's only with WLM I've noticed. As an update, the second accunt doesn't wanna sign in now! This is sooo confusing!

I think I have found the solution.
I have created another Windows log-in account and transferred all my files over to it and started Messenger and it worked fine. There were probably some errors in the account I was using WLM in, so a fresh log-in account has seemed to do the job! Thanks for your help! :cheesy: