I have been having this problem for quite a while now. I have contacted Microsoft but their responses are nonsense.

Basically I have two Hotmail accounts, which I both use with Windows Live Messenger.

(Key: Acc 1 = Primary Account
Acc 2 = Secondary Account)

One day, I start up WLM as normal and try to sign in with Acc 1 but I get the 80004005 error. I think OK, it does this sometimes so I should just try and try again - but to no avail.

So then I try logging in with Acc 2 - Perfect sign in, takes about 5 seconds.

So now I am left baffled as to why one account works perfecty and another doesn't work at all. :eek:

If anyone has encountered this problem or know how to solve it, I will be really greatful. :cheesy:

Thank you, :lol:

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Update: I have tried creating a new account and running WLM on it and it works, although now when I go on my main account, Acc 2 still doesn't work and now my Acc 1 has started not to work. :-(

If you try logging on from hotmail.com, do they both work?

Yep they're perfect when logging into Hotmail. The problem's only with WLM I've noticed. As an update, the second accunt doesn't wanna sign in now! This is sooo confusing!

I think I have found the solution.
I have created another Windows log-in account and transferred all my files over to it and started Messenger and it worked fine. There were probably some errors in the account I was using WLM in, so a fresh log-in account has seemed to do the job! Thanks for your help! :cheesy:

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