i can boot my computer up in safe mode just fine. but when i try to log in normaly, it freezes up completely after i enter my password. once in a while my desktop will partially show, diplaying a display driver fail, but it said its been resolved.otherwise it just completely locks up, and rotates between my logon screen and a black screen. ive rolled back my driver software and reinstalled the updates. still, nothing.. and ive noticed when i boot up, my BIOS setting are cached and shadowed. does this affect it, and if so, how is it fixed??

Setting your BIOS to factory default setting and see how it goes. If you can go to Safe Mode. Try do a disk clean up and maybe use CCleaner to clean your registries. Use an anti virus to check for virus threat. But make sure you back up all your data first. Let us know the outcome.

ya, but how do i access my BIOS settings? i need a step by step process if possible.. ive swept my computer clean. it is faster, in safe mode anyway.thank you.

Upon power up your computer, you press the "Delete" key. For some computer they use "F2" or "F11". You will see it upon power up. I can't really explain the setup because different computer have different setup format. But nevertheless it will have a default setting that change to factory default. And also have your display driver ready just in case you need to install your driver again. Good luck.

is there a way i can restore my computer to factory settings?? i have a hp pavillion dv9000 entertainment notebook.