Hi,Can i ask about on my desktop.why is that when i am going to switch on my desktop computer it will always says system date not set,Press F2 to set up,Press F2 for default set up etc...I tried to change the system date in the bios to change it to current date and time and boot to windows without problem,,but again when i shutdown it and leave for a couple of minuetes 10-20 minuetes and then i will turn on my computer it prompt again that my system date is not set..can you please help me what is the problem on my computer...and how can i fix this,.. Thank you in advance.

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hi, there is a small silver[bios ] battery on the motherboard about the size of your thumb nail ,it needs replacing


@caperjack, Thank you for the reply,...what do you mean?...you mean to buy another bios battery and replace it.


If you tried installating a new CMOS battery and this issue still persits, try updating your BIOS. You can search your BIOS in google and download the update file and flash it.

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