I recently visited a website and pop-ups came up on my computer. I installed a pop-up blocker then ran Ad-Aware. The next time I started my computer it opened up Common file or window and has continued to do so. I checked the start-up folder and it is empty. I also try to do a selective startup using msconfig but this did not help either. I found a thread on the web that said this was related to missing (") around a registry file associated with Symantec. I opened up the files but have no idea how to proceed. Help! Will this fix it or has anyone else got a better solution?:?:

The Symantec user interface (the little yellow thing at the bottom right hand corner) its called the Common Client Application(ccapp). It has to be checked in msconfig under the startup tab. Are you getting an error message that it is missing? What is the exact error word by word?

At startup an explorer window opens with the title common at the top. Looks like when you open My Documents only there is nothing in it. I looked at a help site and another person had the same thing and it was related to a problem with symantec. Is that my problem or why does it do this now? It is extremely annoying!