hey everyone

, im totally freaked out right now :D and im hoping you can help with my problem with windows xp services.

I have tried removing Microsoft office professional 2010 with RipOfficeSoftware. http://www.raymond.cc/blog/uninstall-microsoft-office-2007-in-vista-and-xp/

because there had been problems uninstalling it on my computer. After the complete reboot . I noticed the desktop theme changes back to windows classic and some system tray icons are not shown.

Digging deeper, Ive run services.msc on the command prompt, and noticed every available service are disable!

it has successfully remove office but disable all services including removable storage, so i cant connect to the internet right now (considering i only use broadband connection) and insert any removable storage device to back up my files :(

When I tried to re-enable some services (put them into Automatic startup), and then reboot, they simply returned to Disabled status. I cannot click the "start" option also.

is there some way to enable them?

any help will be very much appreciated!

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sadly i didnt use the system restore option before i use the removal program, so windows was unable to back up the system on its previous state..my mistake :(

....theres one available restore point but it didnt help.

its so frustrating when all the services are disabled and have limited use of your computer...


Pudgee, if you still have the problem then open msconfig, under the General tab check that you are not starting in Diagnostic services only, rather either Normal or Selective. If Selective, the top 3 boxes should be ticked. Under Services tab, if not all boxes are ticked then click the Enable All button. Restart.


I think I know some services you can enable on windows XP, to get your internet access back and running.
However, Im not completely sure about the names as I am currently running on a linux system.

If you want to enable the theme again, here's a short tutorial:

Get your XP-default theme back:

This is quite simple, follow these steps:

Click on `Start` > Right click on My Computer > Properties.

A window will appear with the title "System Properties".

On System Properties, select the tab> "Advanced".
Under performance select > "Settings...".

A window will appear with the title "Performance Options".

On Performance Options, select the tab > Visual effects.
Then select any of the checkboxes, you can either customize it yourself,
or there are 3 other options:
  • Let Windows choose what's best for my computer.
  • Adjust for best appearance.
  • Adjust for best performance.

Otherwise you can select custom, which is also a checkbox.
If you select custom, you will have to customize it yourself.

This checkbox enables theme:

"Use visual styles on windows and buttons".


Here are some services you can enable:

Themes (svchost.exe)      -Required for visual themes.
HTTPFilter                -Support for HTTPS, Secure Socket Layer (SSL).
WZCSVC                    -If you have a wireless device.
Ntmssvc                   -Required for removable devices. (ex. Usb)

Services at startup

Have you tried using msconfig ?
You can select services (processes) which will start once you boot.
In run you can type: "msconfig" and a window will appear.

Just select the "service" tab and select the service's you want to run.

Hope that was helpful.

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