hey,i am trying to access websites from mozilla firefox but it's not working.when i write the website and hit enter,the page stays blank and the cursor next to the link still flashes and indicates that i can write more.
i can't even enter the options of mozilla from the tools tab, cz everytime i click options they kick me directly out of mozilla.i can only access websites in mozilla by openning a tab and openning the history sidebar and clicking the site i want from the history,other than that i cannot write and access any link.i tried writing https:// and http:// before every link but still didn't work.
and i dont have norton security and i'm working on windows xp professional.
please can anyone give me any advice.
thank you.

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Just checked out the time of your Pc, is it matched with actual time some time firefox cause problem, I think that was an issue which you face.

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