I can not print pdf files from my system. I have windows xp sp3.
When I did search over internet If I would uninstall adobe reader then I will be able to print pdf files.

But my problem is this I dont see any adobe reader software in add or remore programs.
Please guide me how can I uninstall adobe reader ?
There is no check mark in (print to file) option.
any other suggestion

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by installing latest version of adobe now I can print files.... Thanks

But I am wondering why both version are into my system. Because whenever I saved any pdf file, It will save directly to older version. Means to print that file first I have to reopen it in newer version......little annoying.
Thanks JorgeM
and thanks gerbil to reply my therad


I have changed default open file setting. right click on pdf file ->properties->opens with-> latest version of adobe...

I have uninstalled older version of adobe too.It was not showing up in add/remove s/f windows. then I go to the location where I did save its file.

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