IBM Thinkpad Machine cannot start. Once it started and displayed Warning that desktop was recovered and then it hanged. Now it cannot start completely. I wonder what would be wrong. I remove RAM and HDD and nothing happens. I returns everything in place, yet nothing :(

The friend reported that, the crash was due to game, and I thought may be the fan wasn't working properly but it does. I have checked anything I can think of, but nay, I hit the wall. Any suggestion?? :(

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i'd advise you to try reinstalling windows or repairing it. Boot the computer using the Windows CD and choose the repair option. i hope this solves your problem.

how far is it getting before it bonks?

No Black POST window nothing happens at all. Just little LED that shows computer is on! I wonder what is wrong with the Laptop :(

sounds hardware related to me, you could try take it somewhere, or pull it apart, but perhaps it is just time...

Mhh I don't know, May be I will have to do something later
I have to rest for now!

Ok It sometimes Gets on and I get into XP and after sometime, it gets on but displays nothing :(

I suspect CMOS battery to be exhausted. What are symptoms of exhausted CMOS battery? Can it be the cause? :$

Nah - an exhausted CMOS battery will generate a BIOS error mentioning CMOS.

Something is corrupted or hardware is behaving intermittently (could be bad motherboard junction). Virus/Trojan is also a possibility but I suspect it's hardwre - not CMOS.

it has already been said, but it seems hardware related. if you have warranty, use that, or take it to a repair shop?

Difficult at this distance. Re-build the system from scratch - like from the Windows CD/DVD or from the restore partition if you have one.

If you do have a Windows disk, you can boot from it and try going back a couple of System Restore points (if they exist). It works arounf 50% of the time if there is no other damage. And then you can Repair Windows from the Windows CD/DVD.

Otherise it's trash the HDD and start again. You can get data off by putting the HDD into a USB enclosure and streaming off on another PC.

as it is said sounds hardware .but maybe software/driver conflict that a reinstall of windows would fix !
i have a compaq laptop that will not turn on[most tries] with out removing the battery ,replacing it ,then plugging in power cord and it works every time, i do this

I think I should check Motherboard for dry joints, what do you guys suggest?

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