I have two startup problems with my computer which happened recently after i did some cleaning out of my computer. I doubt they are related though, since they didn't happen at exactly the same time.

Firstly, whenever I start Windows, I get a "Windows cannot find file \VCI_Task.exe" error. I'm pretty sure VCI_Task.exe is a Sony-related file (I have a Vaio), but as far as I know I haven't touched it, and it's not in my startup folder. My computer runs quite normally after I click OK to make the error message go away, but it's annoying to have it pop up every time I reboot.

Secondly, also whenever I startup, Microsoft Office 2003 Professional attempts to install something. I've no idea what it is, but I keep getting a "Preparing to install" message, followed by an Office installation screen that proceeds normally until it reaches an "SKU111.cab not found" error, where it then asks me to insert a CD. My Office 2003 CD is not with me at the moment so I can't even try that, but I'm at a loss as to why this installation starts up in the first place. Office seems to be functioning perfectly normally and according to the Microsoft Update website I don't need any updates for it.

I'm running Windows XP SP2. Any help would be appreciated!

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To stop vci_task.exe warning please go to registry editor and find that key by find option..if it shows that in a startup or run category then delete only that key.
For information about sku111.cab (MS-Office 2003) please click this link to know what it is

When I search for VCI_Task.exe in regedit, I find the following:

Name C:\Program Files\Sony\VAIO Cooperated Initialisation\VCI_Task.exe
Data VAIO Task Scheduler

That's the only match when I use the find option to search for VCI_Task.exe. I'm not really sure what to do after that because I'm not experienced with tweaking the registry. What should I do?

As for the MS Office error, I've said that I don't have the MS Office installation CD with me. Is there anything I can do without it? I'm just curious why I get the error in the first place, because my Office seems to still be working perfectly and I don't remember having tampered with it lately.

Thank you for your help!

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delete that only key and for MS-Office you need disc for that..it may be caused due to corrupted file and office try to recover.
Without disc nothing you can do any solution.

Apologies for the late reply, I somehow didn't get an email notification of your reply and didn't actually check this thread until now!

I managed to take care of the Office problem - traced it to another program I had, uninstalled that program, and now the problem is gone. :)

Unfortunately even after deleting the VCI_Task key in the registry I still get the "Windows cannot find \VCI_Task.exe" error when I startup Windows. Is there anything else that can be done?


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also check it through msconfig utility..go to run and type msconfig and press enter...here in msconfig check the 'startup' tab and watch out for vci_task path..if its there then uncheck it then restart your system.

I couldn't access msconfig utility, when I type msconfig into the run box it returns a Windows cannot find msconfig error. But happily, I managed to stop the popup by following some instructions I found elsewhere! Will post them here for others having a similar problem:

1. Go to run and type services.msc
2. Scroll down to VAIO Cooperated Initialisation
3. Right click > Properties
4. Change Startup Type to Disabled
5. Click OK and close all the windows

Upon next restart, the popup was gone!

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msconfig is missing ?? i think windows 2000 is running..right ?

ok..thats great you have done with Microsoft management console (.msc)

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