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I have win xp sp3 and Linux mint14 in my PC. Now i want to uninstall xp and install Windows 8. Do i need to uninstall Linux mint for installing windows 8 ?. I don't want to uninstall Linux Mint. Please help.

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If something like Grub is your Boot Menu, then removing XP and installing W8 will be relatively easy.

However, once you have wiped XP and install W8 you will not be able to boot into Mint immediately, at first you will only be able to boot to W8, but don it panic when this happens. When you have installed W8 you will need to boot from Rescatux. Rescatux will fix the Boot Menu allowing you again the option to boot to either W8 or Mint. Use Rescatux 0.30.2 or higher only.

If Grub is not your Boot Menu, then before you go any further please tell us more about your boot configuration.

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you can also if you examine or print out your grub loader before doing anything and then do the installing and then return to the grub load and intelligently modify it (substitute win8 for xp) ...you may need a software disk to allow you to directly read the grub file.

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