Are there any Internet Explorer modifications to make it load a whole site first before it actually displays it, instead of the norm of where it loads a site bit-by-bit?


i ve been looking for a similar thing with two of my computers the only thing i found was IETWEAK 2 and it just added a picture and text and new animated logo and dumb stuff.. i still havent found it for IE.. i have used mozilla and it loads the full page before loading the only thing that sucks its an aol product..and i hate A whole L

Where did you hear that Mozilla was an AOL product? Netscape I believe is and Netscape and Mozilla were based on the same engine back in the day. But Mozilla is a completely open source non-commercial browser suite.

netscape is with AOL i thought.. ..i never ment to say mozilla in that sentence was supposed to be netscape sry... i forgot to write that i hate the GECKO basis... to many codes written ontop of one another...

and because...Gecko lies at the heart of the Netscape 6 browser suite, powering all of the individual components including Navigator and Messenger. Gecko technologies will also power the display of the Netscape.com portal site. And the fact that they took the code from Mozillas develpers for there own use...

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