Does anyone have a program that logs Windows Messenger Service, in which I mean that both ways sending and recieving? This is only for one computer on the LAN.

Thinking aloud here but shouldn't there be an option in it somewhere to keep logs of the conversations? Or have you tried a right click on the name of the person and looked to see if you get an option somewhere along the lines of "View Log"?

Just thoughts and as I don't use it or have it installed I dont actually know if these will work.

Thanks dani, but the messenger i mean is the one that pops up with a dialog message.... net send [username] [message] in a cmd prompt. sometimes i press space, since i might be working on something and it closes, and i have to ask for a resend. also its nice convo somedays over net send to pass time.

theres no real way to log it >.> it was never intended for use as an instant messenger