I've been trying for 2/3 days to figure out what my computers issue is. I'll try to give as much information as I can, but please keep in mind I'm far from a computer genius... :) The computer is a Gateway M-series laptop, & it all started when windows was installing an update & went to restart. The restart was unsuccessful & it "froze." I shut it down & booted up in safe mode (only the safe modes will let me in, & yes, it's still in safe mode w/networking at the moment.) I attempted doing system restore, but it still will not load normally. I've also tried doing a system recovery (after saving the information/pics/ect I cant bare to lose) but the recovery only lets me get to the point of filling out the user name & password. It doesn't show any users, only "other user" and when I try to put the information in I get an error saying, "The specified domain either does not exist or could not be connect." I have activated the Administrator account that was created during the set up but it didn't help any? It didn't come with any disks, so I'm at a total loss on what to do next. ANY help will be greatly appreciated, thanks all.

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This computer is a member of a domain if you are getting that error message. Have you spoken with your organization's domain administrators?


Thank you for your help!...I'm not sure what that is, the domain or domain administrators, I mean? Is there any way I can get the information from my computer?

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Does this computer have a restore image on the hard drive? If so, since you backed up your data, the quickest way to fix this is to simply wipe and reinstall from te computer's recovery image.

Sounds like you we're given this computer or bought if from someone?

Check with gateway's site on the recovery options. Without recovery media or even a copy of Windows, restoring to a clean, working system could be challenging


You could try repairing the Windows using a disc or bootable USB. If doesn't help you out, put a fresh install of Windows on your computer.


IF your Machine starts in Safe mode, then we can assume the Hard drive and all the data is ok for now.

Since you know how to start the machine in safe mode using F8, try using the "Last Known Good Configuration" selection from that same menu.

If that gets you no where, then from within Safe Mode use the msconfig utility. START - RUN - 'msconfig' - Enter. MSconfig is a util that lets you turn on/off various startup items.

MSCONFIG will have 5 tabs at the top. Click Services and select Disable ALL, then click Startup and select Disable ALL, then reboot.

If this works, go back into msconfig, and reenable all the startup items, reboot again. Did this work? If yes, then you know it was nothing in this list. Disable all again, go back to the Services Tab and re-enable all services then reboot. If the laptop fails to boot, you know it was something in that list.

BTW, anytime the laptop fails to boot, just go back into safe mode to re-run msconfig.

Once you identify which tab contains the item causing your failure, then begins the long process of trail and error as you turn on some services, reboot, and see if it fails. Turn on a few more, reboot, see if it fails, and so on. once you identify the culprit, you can disable the item, uninstall the app to which it belongs, or take appropriate action.

Good luck.

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