I'm trying to run a game in Sandboxie and i used to be able to with no problem Upon closer inspection of the sandboxie window and seeing what exactly is being opened up. I see a dllhost.exe appear and then a second one right afterwards. The only way the game works in the sandboxie is if i terminate the first dllhost.exe that appeared and the second one dissappears shortly after. I've done some research and i've read that it could be a virus on my computer or something to that effect? Can i get some input on this please?

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sounds like sandboxie, whatever it is, is starting some background processes in Windows which hang, blocking sandboxie from completing the loading of the application.

I agree this is suspicious activity and could be a trojan (not virus most likely). But it could also be benign and just buggy, like it is looking for some system resources and failing to find them, but instead of reporting that failure keeps looping in an attempt to find them time and time again.

Best you take this up with the creators of "sandboxie".

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