Hi All
Just wondering if you can pls help with a problem with my PC.
I have Windows XP and I turned on my computer this morning and receieved the following messages:

Load in ASUS Express Gate
P50 Motherboard

Reboot - Select Proper Boot Device

However when I reboot I get the same message.

I have been pressing F8 to get to the safe mode but it does not go to that screen, I can however get to the BIOS Setup Utility which says SATA 1-5 "Not Detected" and SATA 6 DVD/CD ROM Drive.

I hope this makes sense to someone out there who can help me please??

Thanking you in adance :-)


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Your system is not seeing your hard drive. You need to open your PC up and make sure the power and data cables are securely fitted into the back of your hard drive. Also check that the hard drive's data cable is securely fitted to your motherboard.

Let me know once you have checked that lot and I can make some more suggestions if your PC is still not booting.


Thank you so much for your reply. You are awesome! Ill check it out! Thx again! :-)


Hi thanks so much for following up. I just took the cover off the box and all seems good. The hard drive cable is connected both to the motherboard and the back of the hard drive. The power source is also connected. Do u have any other suggestions? I feel lost without my computer :-( Thanks again!

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