I want to install Windows 8, Windows XP sp3 and Linux Mint14 in my PC. Is it possible to install 3 Operating systems in one PC ?. If so is it possible in virtual machine ?.If 3 OSs are not allowed in a PC, then please tell me how to install xp and Mint in virtual machine. This is my system config;
Asus P8H61-M LX Motherboard
4 GB Ram
Intel G620 core2 Processor
500 GB Sata
C Drive - 41 GB - Windows XP sp3
Unknown Drive - 5 GB - Swap area of Mint.
D Drive - 136 GB
E Drive - 130 GB
F Drive - 134 GB
Unknown Drive - 17 GB - Linux Mint 14 64 bit

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yes this can be done ,have i done it ,yes but ,just with windows ,not with the linux thrown into the mix .it means using a different bootloader i think when you use linux ,but if you install it within windows with Vmware iyou would not need the bootloader.
if installing multiple windows versions ,start with the oldest version first .
this what i have now ,win7 +win8 and winxp running in Oracle vm ,and im just a novice when it come to using a VM

perhaps www.Google is your best friend in doing what you wish to do .

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I would most definately suggest that you build this within a VM system. The multi-boot configuration adds an additional complexity when compared to that of a VM design. I typically use Oracle's VirtualBox application. Its free, easy to use and is compatible with many VM guests.


From experience, booting any OS with XP doesnt work, i dualbooted win7 and XP, and i had 7 on first, then XP and it didnt come up with a OS selection menu. I have though done win7 and ubuntu, which is linux, when you install it on a seperate partition, it automatically installs the "grub" loader which is your OS selection menu. If you want to keep XP in the ring, put it in a VM, i recommend Oracle VirtualBox.


Follow this order of installation and it will work fine.

Working with XP first, decide what size partition you would like it to have and then manually configure that as you are following XP's install process. Leave the rest of the drive unpartitioned.

Next Windows 8. Do the same again, except with a dedicated partition for Windows 8, as well as leaving the rest of the drive untouched.

Finally Linux Mint. Use the installation process to create the partition sizes you would like and then proceed with the install. The beauty of Linux Mint, as well as most mainstream versions, it will sort out the Boot Menu for you.

As has been said, you could run the other two OS's in the likes of Vmware or VirtualBox. But, the beauty of Linux is that when you run it unhindered you know that your system is running at its optimum, as opposed to Windows having it running like treacle. If you are a serious Linux user you will just know that it won't be happy sat in a little Windows prison cell... research it. :-D

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I agree with the linux road to use. The grub boot loader will handle quite easily the use of more than one boot OS.
There are also a number of commercial paid or free nboot managers that will do the same job.


Yes. Boot managers that install to the MBR Master Boot Record space of a hard-drive are OS independent.


board is getting some boreing ,when 7 or 8 post can be made and the orignal poster hasn't been here in 3 weeks ,.lol


Other folks also search this forum looking for solutions. Someone may Google this particular issue and find just what they're looking for. Forums make good repositories.


I've found that many issues raised here in these forums have often had more interesting quirks than those I've found on other forums.

If things do appear go quiet perhaps some of us could drop into the forum an odd tech problem we may have experienced, resolved, answered in the past and turn it into something a challenge for the rest of us?

Would that be allowed in this forum or would that only be acceptable in the Community forum?

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