I'm running Windows 7 32 bit version and I've started to encounter this problem recently. After some time of using the computer (random mostly), several applications like Chrome and Windows bases applications (cmd, task manager, windows explorer, etc) starts to run really slow. For example, if I open a new tab and type in a web address, It takes 10 sec to even start processing it and 10 more to open ths site (any site). If I want to open the task manager, It gets stuck in black window for like 10 sec before it opens. For some other things the wait time is even higher. For some other applications, like Firefox, everything still runs normally.

Tried scanning for viruses and HDD bad blocks, nothing found. HDD is only ~20% full, and the LED isn't even flashing when an application is stuck (meaning there is no HDD read/write process going on meanwhile).

Rebooting the PC always helps for some time.

What could be causing this issue? Thanks.

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Try this, look at the svc host, and go deeper to it you may fid a process with the host causing the slowdown, http://technet.microsoft.com/en-gb/sysinternals/bb896653.aspx. hope this helps. if you find a process using a lot of cpu suspend that process or find the dll or exe. create a backup and remove the offending item.

Is it a PC or a laptop? Does it seem like it is running too hot?

It's a PC and the temperatures seems to be normal. I checked the task manager and processes, and CPU usage was no more than 10% and RAM usage was about 50% - basically everything seemed normal. It just started to be slow suddenly. Could it be worn out Windows installation or some hardware failure?

GOTO: RUN, TYPE: MSCONFIG, A window will appear. In startup section uncheck all the unused program which you don't use regularly. Click save & restart.

Ref: TheSysadminblog.com

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