I'll attempt to make this as simple as I possibly can so that I am able to obtain the details and positive results I have been seeking all week long. It would be too difficult to explain how my Dell XPS L702X got to it's current condition and to be totally honest I really cannot understand it myself. Please do not attempt to offer obvious solutions, (i.e.) F8,F2,System Recovery C.D.'s, suggested downloads or very technical explanations that have gotten me no where. In adition please keep in mind that the only keys that are currently functional are F2, ctrl + alt + F12 and lastly my power button. With all that said I will move forward to the problem at hand:

The only way I can get into my system is with my CD Rom and running the single cd that was included with my system which is a Dell XPS L702X Drivers and Utilities cd. While the cd is running I have to tap on the F12 button at which point I able to access "Command Prompt". Then the following is indicated:

Your CD/DVD drive during this boot cycle is f:

A RAMDISK drive is available for this boot cycle as C:

C: is reflected on screen as C:> and F: is shown as F:>

With the assistance from advice on other Forums I have been able to cycle through to not only C: but A:as well, in many attempts to either "RUN" my systems "Advanced Restore" or "Safemode" programs.

It's been a very frustrating and futile process and I believe this Forum might very well be my last hopes for achieving the results I have been searching for the past week.

Although I have been offered alot of good and helpful suggestions and resources, as well , none have worked for me. I have researched a number of "Windows 7 Command Promp Commands" from "A to Z" none of which has been helpful as I am constantly faced with this outcome, "Command or filename not recognized".

Examples I have entered are ( as shown on screen ):

C:>bcedit/set {default} safeboot.minimal

There have been many others that have not responded without negative result. I was mostly disappointed
when I keyed in the best chance I felt would work: C:>\windows\systems32\restore\rstrui.exe
I attemped a few variations of that last one but obviously here I am.

"/help" was of no help as was neither was "dir".

My hopes are that there is someone out there who will be kind enough to share with me the command I seek
exactly as it needs to be keyed in including the C:> which is fixed and cannot be changed.


Gack. Okay... For a start, i don't know the commands available on your setup disk. Others may. I assume, though, that thye have been loaded into your ramdrive...
"F2, ctrl + alt + F12". And the alphanumerics, surely? And . / \ <- Del ?
"I have researched a number of "Windows 7 Command Promp Commands" from "A to Z" none of which has been helpful "... you are not in Windows, you are not using Windows commands. As the system says, it has set up a ramdrive which it denotes as C: - this means that it has created a C: drive in your RAM, but it is NOT your hdd c:.
What happens if when in F: [command window prompt would be F:> ] you type... dir
What happens if when in C: [command window prompt would be C:> ] you type... dir
What I am seeking here is a list of available commands, but I do not know if dir is one of those.
This command... windows\systems32\restore\rstrui.exe will not work because that is a Windows OS pathname, and you are NOT in Windows. Keep in mind that you are using Dell's commands from the utilities disk; and that they have very likely been loaded into your C: ramdrive for use.

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