i am getting a blank screen it takes more than 15 minutes to display the desk top

i am using windows 7 ultimate 32 bit

recently i have installed oracle 11g and internet download manager.
help me to solve this problem with out formatting the system.

thanks for your time.

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The only thing i can think of is, 1) your hardrive is spinning up, and 2) some programs have to get loaded, so its slowing down the time to get to the desktop.


recently i have installed oracle 11g and internet download manager.

so are these programs you bought ,or programs free from shady download sites .

also did the slow boot start after the install of thes programs ,if so uninstall them


Most probably reason would be in your machine performances. Because, “Oracle 11g” used more CPU processing power and also used bigger hard disk space. So I suggest you to turn off start up process related to Oracle 11g process, in System Configuration menu (Go to run-> msconfig).
Not only that, Change the startup type setting into manual for all Oracles processors in services panel.
(Go to run-> services.msc)

Then reboot machine and check your pc performances.

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