Hi guys,

I am trying to figure out an unique situation that I have been suffering lately.
I'll try to explain the problem the best I can.
I have a vaio laptop with windows 7 Pro 64.

Here's the issue: when I let the computer idle for a while (more than 5-10mins) with no programs running, except background processes, when I return to use it, it freezes, I can only move the mouse cursor, nothing else.
Here's the funny part: if I tap a certain part of the laptop chassis with sufficient force, it suddenly unfreezes instantly. I'm baffled by this 60's tv behaviour.

The only explanation I find for this strange behaviour is that something is wrong with the HDD, because if I have something running that frequently accesses the hard disk (like utorrent), it doesn't seem to happen.

I installed HDDLife to read the SMART values, and it gives me an OK result, though the score is 45%, wich apparenttly is fine.

Sorry for the long post. I would appreciate any insight on the matter.

João Horta Alves

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I now believe the issue is that windows shuts down the hdd after some period of inactivity. And then the hdd has trouble starting up, if I leave it alone after 30 secs of returning to use the computer it will unblock itself. This is further proved by the fact that the only SMART value that's beneath 100% is Spin Retry Count wich is 45%. I'll probably get another hdd, as they will probably not replace this one. What do you think?
Im thinking about an SSD, it's probably still too expensive though.


I now believe the issue is that windows shuts down the hdd after some period of inactivity. And then the hdd has trouble starting up, .

if so thats only a software issue ,turn the power feature off and see how things go ,shouldn't have tobuy a new one ,and from what iread ssd drives are very expencive and small ,only about 40 gig i think


Hello i have just had a similar problem with a customer’s laptop that was a Sony vaio at first i suspected the hard drive.
But could not find any reported faults in the log files, normally hard drive faults would show up in the fault logs.
try this open my computer right click on c drive and choose properties then choose hardware tab highlight c drive then left click properties when next window opens left click change settings then choose policies tab then tick enable write caching etc then tick enable advanced performance then click ok ok restart pc and see if that fixes it
This is the process for Vista it should be the same for win 7


I also cleaned the pc, full virus scan,defragged HD, downloaded win updates, downloaded and installed updates from Sony website for graphics card and hard drive, also uninstalled some faulty software.
there my be some bios seting you can alter to stop the hard drive shutting down


Thank you for the information, I shall try it soon. But do you think is a software issue or a hardware one?


at the moment with the information you have given i would be lookig at a software or setup problem have a look in your log files to see if you have any hard drive errors look in event viewer in computer managment.
right click on computer in start menue and choose manage you will fin the log files

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