Actually while working with vb6 i saved project and its related forms to the default folder(c:\program files\microsoft visual studio 6\vb98) and these files saved successfully. But the problem arise when i open this path(c:\program files\microsoft visual studio 6\vb98 ) And there i found that these files are not there but whenever i use vb6 and click on open then open dialog box appears and all files are now shown .

but when i directly move to this c:\program files\microsoft visual studio 6\vb98 to copy these files then i can't see these files but visual basic 's open dialog box shows these files.

i also tried options like show hidden files etc. but these files are not hidden files .
Any solution there to overcome this problem.

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How are you searching for the files? Save the files in a My Documents folder, vs. the Microsoft Visual Studio default folder.

Can you post screen shots, when you open Windows Explorer in that folder, showing what files are in there.

You could try Jam Software's Ultrasearch. http://www.jam-software.com/ultrasearch/ XSearch is a better alternative http://www.addictivetips.com/windows-tips/xsearch-is-classic-windows-search-tool-without-indexing-service/ There is also Midnight Commander for Windows. Works like the Linux version http://sourceforge.net/projects/mcwin32/


Perhaps in "Your" Documents and Settings\Visual Studio\Projects
I think that is the default Save folder?

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