And manually created points disappear after a short time.
Would appreciate help with this.
Tried to increase the Shadow Copy allocation to 3GB but it
only increased the storage association to 3 GB.
Figures are;
Used Shadow Copy storage space 0 B
Allocated Shadow Copy storage space 0 B
Maximum Shadow Copy storage space 3 GB.
When I tried to increase the allocated space to 3 GB I was
advised that I had "successfully resized the Shadow Copy storage association."
It seems to be impossible to increase the Shadow Copy allocation.

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I would suggest to upgrade to Windows 7 or downgrade to Windows XP.

I've noticed that in Windows 7 when you go to restore from a system checkpoint that few checkpoints are shown, however, there is usually a link that says "show more restore points". Perhaps Vista is the same. Personally, I'd rather be presented with the entire list right up front.

Chem E I have an XP machine and also a Windows 7 Laptop
so your suggestion doesn't really appeal.
I like to have a Vista machine as well.
Many thanks for taking the trouble to respond.

Rev Jim Like yourself, I would prefer to see the entire list
up front as well.
Thanks for your reply.

Still no System Restore points being created after more than a week.
If anyone can help in getting System Restore going again that help would be appreciated.

You could try reinstalling it with the inf file. In a cmd winodw, or just Run...:
That procedure will totally reset it, removing all current points.

Thanks gerbil.
Restore points are again being created but seem to disappear when I fully
shut down.
There is one there now for 15/10/2013 17:48:25 System Scheduled Checkpoint
Can't be sure that it will still be there after I switch off.
As it is the only restore point that I have I am wondering if I should go for one of the options in your reply?

I wouldn't be without ERUNT....
SysRestore is capable of some file restoration, though...
This is interesting.... apply to you?..

Many thanks for that, gerbil.
There are now 3 restore points in System Restore and it seems to be
coming back.
Laptop was shut down and they did not disappear.
This coincides with a large number of updates from Microsoft.
I don't know about you, but I find that Microsoft are getting extremely
careless with their updates and that it is not unusual for them to cause
There does not seem to be the same attention to detail from Microsoft
updates of late.
If I am wrong about that I sincerely apologise to Microsoft, but it seems
to be beyond coincidence to me at this stage.
Anyhow, thanks again for that, gerbil, it made interesting reading.

diddo,on the errors after windows updates,i see it in all versions,

Hi Caperjack.
Yes, it is becoming more frequent, unfortunately.

I think some of M$'s problems with updates could stem from their effects on 3rd party and M$ softwares not being able to be tested fully with updated system files. It's a scarily complex comuting world out there... in over a billion different systems and configurations something aint gunna be accounted for.
Me? I've never had a problem with an XP security or system update.... reaching out to touch desk.. [wood].

So where did that silly aphorism come from..?

I can understand you reaching out.
Seems that you have been very lucky with the updates.
You make a fair point, but I am still of the opinion that attention to detail has slipped regarding Microsoft updates.

Oh, true... I remember reading of one or two that disturbed the system itself. Now they don't have much excuse for that.

restore points". Perhaps Vista is the same. Personally, I'd rather be presented with the entire list right up front.

gerbil, I see now that Microsoft are admitting that Security Essentials is
a very poor performer and nearer the bottom of the pack.
I have relied on that programme for a long time, often wondering just how
effective it was.
Originally I dropped Avast for it, but I think it is time to be returning.
System Restore is working extremely well!

Sound bar graph is back!
A box for Wistron has been accidentally unchecked in the
startup menu.
My thanks to everyone who contributed to the post.

Sorry, that refers to another post - the sound bar graph problem which has been solved.
The System Restore problem returned today after shutdown, when all restore points disappeared, and remains unresolved.

System Restore has been working well for a while now.
Problem seems to have resolved itself.
Sincere thanks to all who contributed.

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