Hi. First off im only a teenager so im not very fluent in computer language so if you make a response, please make it as simple as you can.
Okay, so ive been having a problem with my headset where it doesn't show up on the list of devices. Its a headset/microphone and the microphone works so i thought the headset would work aswell. When i go to the list of audio devices (speakers, headsets, ect) the speakers show up (which i dont want to use) but my headset doesnt show up as a device, it only shows the speaker. I'm not sure how to add a device either and i dont want to disabe the speakers to see what happens. I asked my dad but he said that the device should automatically be picked up. If anyone knew what the problem was or knew how to fix it, i would be very appreciative.

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Don't worry if you can't answer all of these questions right now, this shouldn't be a difficult problem to solve.

What sort of computer do you have? Is it a Laptop or a Desktop PC? Is it a HP, Dell, IBM, or something different? Can you see a "model number" anywhere?

What sort of connector does your headset have? Is it a USB or Jack type connector?

Which operating system does your computer use? Is it Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8? Or, something different?

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I have a windows 7 computer

As far as I know, your headset will not show up as a device because it is already present as microphone and speakers. When you plug in the headphones, one cord goes into the microphone jack and the other into the headphone jack which just redirects the sound from the builtin speakers to the headphones.


Gee, I don't know about that, RJ.
Sure, as far as devices go, my sys does not bother to show any but speakers - it seems to leave all that definition to the sound controller. So I plug something in to the rear jacks, the controller detects that action and asks for confirmation of what I have plugged. But as for the front jacks, control is not so simple as in a switch contact redirection of speakers to headphones.... it's individual lines, chip controlled. I can plug speakers or a headset into my mike jack, or vv; I just need to tell the controller that that is what I have done, and it sets it up. So I can run two headsets at once, or two mikes, speakers...
I wouldn't mind betting that there ARE systems out there with an action such as you describe.
If a headset is not working it is just so simple to plug in another set to test the hardware.

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Could i try to plug in the cords for the headset into the rear jacks rather than the front jacks to see if the rear ones respond? Because, it may just be the front jack for the headset doesn't respond.
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