Gateway Zx6971-UB10P AIO appears to not be getting power, it comes on with logo and an overlay that says PC Mode in blue. also gives One short beep code, then immediately goes off and shows No Signal on monitor screen. Have tried a hard reset ( remove power and hold power button 30 sec.) no change. Also appears the tip of power cord wiggles in cord socket (back of unit). All peripherals are disconn., only functioning with mouse/keyboard attached. Cannot find an adequate disassembly schematic way user maunal will not download .

Thanks for any help in advance.

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Saw that already. Looking for more specific ideas as to Why ? or What causing it ?


Cooling in some of these systems doesn't always pay too much attention to the video chipset. It may be that due to the nature of thermodynamics your video chipset loses connection after a brief warm up.

Or, as you have noticed, the loose power connecter either needs to be resoldered or replaced. The slightest jiggle, or again due to a brief warm up, may be disconnecting it from the power.


The Gateway's BIOS issues one short beep before passing control to the operating system. Overheating? I doubt that as the system has only run a low demand POST before closing down. Does POST show your hdd detection as correct, because loading from the system disk is the next step, and appears to be the one where it is falling down? Alternatively, you could enter the BIOS and see if the drive is listed.

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