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It's the difference between a 1960's supercar that doesn't run to a Formula One racer that also doesn't run... :-)

IE, one is an old piece of junk, that doesn't run, and the other is a space-age piece of junk, that also doesn't run!

Just my opinion, of course. I know people who love Win8 (I can barely tolerate Win7, but mostly it stays out of my way), and I have heard good things about Windows 8.1...


8.1 one is great for low boot times and reading email and help forums [thats about all use it for ,except for burning the odd .iso ],after that people are having a lot of problems ,same as they did with Vista


I'm was running my main PC on Windows 8 and I recently upgraded it to 8.1. I've noticed no difference with regards to performance. I'm now OK with Win 8. I waited quite a bit of time before I moved off of Win 7.

In general, I've been happy with XP - 8.1 (except for Vista). Only worked with Vista for a short period of time before I downgraded that PC back to XP, years ago.

When it comes to Windows, if you dont load it with too much software, it can operate well. Once you start installing all sorts of software, it tends to slow down over time and app issues begin to introduce themselves. This has been the case since Win 9x.


I solved that (well, compensated) by taking a disk image of my system partition after configuring a fresh Windows install with my "must have" apps. When my computer starts to bog down I just reinstall the image, apply my updates, re-image, then carry on from there.


Win vista was clunky!
Win 7 and 8 (.1) are more advanced, stable and above all attractive to modernity!
Unless you have a touch screen go for win 7 it is more comfortable to,trad ways of working and less likely to difficult to put right if it all goes banana shaped!



i have been using win8 since aug 2012,and now have win8.1 , and i have never had any serisous issues with it,I think mostly because i have it on a good working older core2 computer, although i see all kinds of weird problems people are reporting and looking fo help fixing on another help forum i frequient www.eightfourms.com


I mostly try all the windows:
But the latest version Windows 8 is the best speeding...
When I am using Windows 7 and copying the file to some other location then it took me almost 20min (5 GB)
While Windows 8 (same File)
took almost 5-10 min.

Windows 8 brings the new look in start menu. (that we all know)
windows 8 doesn't have aero effect...
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If you are using Windows 8 then it is best, if you are using windows then it is good, as Windows 8.1 is the latest version...
And obviously if there the new updates there will be more benefit/more advantage then of old version
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Thank you

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