Hi guys!

I have a 32Gb corsair SSD which i use for only a few programs and windows. I try to keep it as empty as possible but its gone a bit strange since yesterday.

When i highlight all the folders and files (with hidden files showing)and look at the space used, it only shows a total of 20.9Gb. But the drive is showing only 1.77Gb's remaining?

I have disabled pagefile completely and system restore isnt running at all so it cant be either of these. I have run Chkdsk etc etc. I used 'Disktective' to show whats using up all this space and it shows the normal things, but also "8 files in C:/" which is taking up 33% apparantly. These files are nowhere to be seen and I get the feeling they are corrupt maybe.

It was fine and i had 7gb free the other day, and i havent installed anything since so i'm quite baffled.

IF you got any ideas they are appreciated it!

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Ahhh yeah I didnt know that option was there! Files were a 6gb pagefile (which had been saved for some reason when i turned pagefile off) and a 7gb hibernation file. I deleted both and got my 14gb back!

Thank you for pointing that out!

Kind regards

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